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Advanced and customized GUI builder that provides you with a quick access to all the player’s graphic functions. Innovative design and graphic editor that allows you to customize almost every detail of your multimedia player’s interface and provide the player with a unique look and feel. Get the latest AIMP Skin Designer Free Edition with extra functionality, features and a limited time license. Download AIMP Skin Designer Pro and unlock the full version of the professional tool that allows you to design customized skins for AIMP multimedia player.Interceptor Hints and Guards The Interceptor Patterns The Interceptor Hints and Guards pattern An Interceptor can act on anything that comes into contact with a Stream. Imagine the following scenario: Now, we have some GUI classes, let’s say a JTextField and a JButton. When the user enters text in the JTextField, we need to pass it to the Logger class to be logged to the console. A JButton should be pressed for the event to be sent to the Server. If you were using the Stream pattern, you would have to write a complete event handler, but we can simplify the implementation. Instead of writing a whole event handler for the JButton, we can register an Interceptor to intercept the event flow. In this case, we are registering a ButtonInterceptor for the JButton to receive the event and we are forwarding it to the Server class that handles the event. The Interceptor would look something like this: package com.kongregate.interceptors; import org.apache.log4j.Logger; import; import; import; import java.awt.event.MouseEvent; import java.awt.event.MouseListener; import java.util.logging.Level; import java.util.logging.Logger; import javax.swing.AbstractButton; import javax.swing.ButtonModel; import javax.swing.JButton; import javax.swing.JFrame; /** * */public class ButtonInterceptor {private final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(ButtonInterceptor.class); private static final int MAIN_FRAME_HEIGHT = 300; private static final int MAIN a5204a7ec7

Easy to use interface Consistent design workflow Intuitive interface division Built-in TASE features Suitable for beginners and professionals AIMP Skin Editor is a reliable design application that allows you to customize skins for AIMP, a comprehensive multimedia player. The tool enables you to manage each small detail, from utility buttons, down to aesthetic features. You may work with the default templates the program offers you. Build GUI for your favorite multimedia player AIMP Skin Editor is simple to use and its tabbed interface makes it easy for you to control several graphic elements at the same time. Thus, you may edit the main interface of the player from a dedicated tab, then switch to re-designing the DropWheel, the Tray, the QFI details or the Context menu. The workspace is separated into two areas, a general preview one and a magnifier tool that allows you to view even the smallest details. This tool displays the image at the tip of the cursor, regardless if you move it inside the program’s window or on the rest of the desktop. Intuitive interface division AIMP Skin Editor’s main window is separated into the workspace, the toolbar and the side panels that allow you to quickly access additional functions. You can easily access custom elements providers and integrate new graphic details in your design, such as transparency, seek bars or helpers. The panel on the left allows you to view the structure of each element in the design and modify it piece by piece while the panel on the right displays the object properties. You may switch from the magnifier tool to the debugging console and observe the activity log. TASE functions and builder AIMP Skin Editor’s toolbar consists of several TASE features, such as animator, effect controller, art editor or display manager. Moreover, you can easily access the design functions, that create buttons, menus, text boxes, spectrum display, waveform display or gauge. The build tool allows you to export the design and apply it to the player, manually or automatically. AIMP Skin Editor Key Features Generate skins for AIMP Customize AIMP’s look and feel Quickly create your own multimedia player skins Custom design tools Generate skins for AIMP Import skins exported by the author Create skins for the default player Easy to use interface Consistent design workflow Intuitive interface division Built-in TASE features Suitable

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